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Bobbin Necklace


An unusual gift for a Cotton Wedding Anniversary gift (2 years) or for any keen seamstress or crafter.


Handmade in Sterling Silver. 


Pendant - 14mm x 12mm 

It comes with REAL sewing thread!! Use it to darn your stockings (emergency only)!

Any colour cotton thread available.


My sewing box hoard of threads, ribbons and buttons is treasured as much as my jewellery which is where the idea of a bobbin necklace began... Part of a collection with matching pieces, including a Bangle or little Drop Earrings.


Gift-boxed with a tiny silver jewellery cloth to polish the necklace.

Silver & Cotton Bobbin Necklace

  • Orders are dispatched within 2 working days, unless announced otherwise on the SHOP page.

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