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silver lotus flower jewellery
group of silver brooch pins with lotus flowers


This beautiful water plant takes root in the mud at the bottom of ponds and slow-flowing rivers. Its stems can reach the surface in waters up to 5ft deep where its large floating leaves develop.

The flowers rise up above the leaves, balancing on tall, air-filled stems. 

Big spiralling & symmetrical petals bloom in pink or white.


The Lotus is regarded as sacred by Hindus and Buddhists. 

The Hindu God, Vishnu is often depicted in imagery on a pink lotus. 

There is a story that the lotus arose from the navel of God Vishnu, and at the centre of the flower sat Brahma, the Creator God. 

For Buddhists, the lotus flower symbolises the most exalted state of humans; head held high, pure, in the sun, feet rooted in the world of experience.


The Lotus flower opens in the morning and closes at night. It was a symbol of the sun, rebirth and of creation in Ancient Egypt because of the way in which it signals the beginning and  end of each day.

After fertilisation, the flower develops into a fruit, shaped like the rose on a watering can. The seeds from this pod are able to remain dormant for an amazing length of time. A plant is known to have germinated from a 1300 year old seed.

pink lotus flower
gold lotus flower necklace
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