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Cotton Reel or Bobbin Bangle


The cotton reel measures 14mm x 12mm and is wound with REAL sewing thread. Use it to darn your stockings (emergency only)! The reel moves freely around the silver bangle.


The bangle is circular and is solid sterling silver made with a round section wire with a thickness of 2mm.


Standard Bangle measurement is approx 6.5cm (internal diameter) which is a small-medium size (see picture of it being worn).


Any colour thread, just add a note to your order.


Perfect gift for a seamstress or.......2nd Wedding Anniversary gift which is Cotton!


Part of a collection with matching pieces, including a Necklace, Bobbin Earrings, Button Earrings and more.


Presented in a Gift-Box.

Silver Sewing Bangle - Spinning Bobbin

  • Orders are dispatched within 2 working days, unless announced otherwise on the SHOP page

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