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"And thus the snowdrop, like the bow

that spans the cloudy sky,

Becomes a symbol whence we know

That brighter days are nigh".

George Wilson 


Beauty of Spirit; hopefulness; new beginnings

Folk Names

February Fairmaids, Snow Piercers,

Candlemas Bells, Eve's Tears

Botanical Name

Galanthus Nivalis

Gala in Greek means 'milk' and Nivalis 'of snow'

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Originally from Switzerland and other parts of Europe, the name Snowdrop comes from a pair of earrings. 'Schneetropfen' (snow drop) were teardrop shaped pearl earrings worn in the 15th - 17th centuries. Before this, they were known a bulbous violets!

The Snowdrop doesn't have petals. Instead it is composed of 6 white segments called 'tepals'.

They droop in order to keep their dusty pollen dry for the very few insects around in the February wind, snow & rain.

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