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A symbol of Loyalty; Faith; Remembrance & Eternal Life. 

This beautifully delicate wildflower is remarkably resilient and will suddenly spring to life when the conditions are right. Poppies make up to 60,000 seeds per plant, and these can lie in the ground for over 80 years before germinating.

silver poppy pod brooch and dried poppy flower seed heads
poppy seed pod in garden

Long Symbolic of eternal life, Poppies were placed in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Romans believed that Poppies helped heal a broken heart

In Greek legend, Somnus, God of Sleep created the Poppy to help Ceres, the Corn Goddess. Ceres was searching in vain for her lost daughter, Prosperine, who had been taken to the Underworld by Pluto, to be his wife. In her grief, Ceres was unable to make corn grow. The poppies given by Somnus soothed her to sleep, so she could regain her energy.

silver jewellery gripped in a jewellers ring clamp

Red Poppies have come to symbolise remembrance of soldiers, since the Napoleonic Wars.

White Poppies are associated with Imagination & Dreams.

Yellow Poppies (or Welsh Poppies) bring Wealth & Success.

a bunch of poppy seed pod stems held in hand
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