Rock Rose Jewellery is designed and handmade by Abigail Fosdike.

"I probably fell in love with jewellery aged 6 with a magical, musical jewellery box. Quite by accident, after college, I began working in a luxurious costume jewellery boutique on Old Bond Street and naturally, I became hooked. When I moved to a Fine Jewellery shop in Greenwich Market I began to learn about how a piece of jewellery is designed and made to last. 


Rock Rose Jewellery began in 2007 with my desire to make jewellery for friends & family. Since then I have been fortunate enough to sell my designs in the British Museum & the

National Gallery while stocking small independent boutiques, just like the one I accidentally began working in.


Using precious metals and traditional jewellery making methods, my designs are inspired by a love of Nature, Crafts & Stories.

I have a growing collection of Flowers, Plants & Garden jewellery.

Craft tools miniaturised: bobbins, scissors & pencils to be treasured.

Olive branches, pyramids & moons all with stories to tell....

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