With ruffles of feathery petals the Peony is my



flower of choice for my May birthday.


Friendship, Compassion & A Happy Marriage


In one Greek Myth, Paeon was a student of Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine and Healing.  Paeon extracted a milky liquid from the root of a peony and cured Pluto. This angered the jealous Asclepius who threatened to kill him. Zeus showed compassion and saved Paeon by turning him into a flower, the Peony.


In China, Peonies were known as "the flower of riches & honour" and used to decorate the imperial palaces. They became symbolic of

good fortune and a happy marriage. The Chinese name for 'most beautiful' translates to 'peony'.


It was considered unlucky to dig up Peonies during the Middle Ages & the Victorian era, as this would unleash evil faeries - probably from another Greek myth in which naked nymphs hid in Peonies!

The Peony is one of the most popular wedding bouquet flowers. It is also official flower for a 12th wedding anniversary.

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