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Snowdrop Necklace - Handmade in Sterling Silver


Snowdrop pendant measures 26mm x 12mm.

Chain is a delicate sterling silver trace chain in a choice of lengths.


Gift-boxed with care and with a little silver polishing cloth enclosed.


Matching Brooch Pin



A little bit about the Snowdrop flower

A symbol of Spring & purity the Snowdrop or Galanthus also means Rebirth, Sympathy or Hope in the language of flowers.


The Galanthus flower means 'Milk Flower' from the Greek Gala/Milk and Anthos/Flower.

The word Snowdrop may be derived from German name for teardrop shape pearl earrings fashionable in the 16th & 17th centuries - 'Schneetropfen' - 'Snowdrop'.

A little bit more about Snowdrops...


Silver Snowdrop Necklace

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