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Olive Branch Ring


A handmade, sterling silver band with an Olive Branch wrapping around the centre.

Choose from Oxidised Blackened detailing on the band or keep it all simply polished silver (both are pictured).


Band is 10mm wide with a thickness of 1mm.

The Olive Branch wraps about 2/3 the way around, depending on the ring size. (This one is a Q, so a smaller ring would go further around etc.)


Inspired by ancient Myths and tokens of love, the Olive Branch is a symbol of peace & victory.


A note on sizing: 

As this is a fairly wide band ring, I recommend choosing a loose size for ease of going over the knuckle. If you are using a slim ring for measuring your ring size, maybe go up 1 size. I'm happy to resize the ring for you if it needs adjusting!


Please allow 5 working days for me to make ring orders.


Gift-boxed prettily and packaged responsibly.


For my Olive Branch jewellery:


Matching Earrings:





Olive Branch Ring

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