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Honesty Pod - a new jewellery make for Autumn.

I've been wanting to make one of these for so long! Honestly, it's a fiddly, time-consuming make, but the end result is just what I was aiming - delicate & a bit #wabisabi.

Part of my making process is picking up a pretty nature thing from my walks, pondering it, and then copying it (yes, it's a complicated technique & one I didn't learn in college!). So, I didn't actually know the name of this papery pod until I googled it.

Now I know, I'll share with you some gems about this seed pod & the origin of it's names....

Lunaria Annua Story

Do you know this as Honesty, Silver-Dollars or pretty papery pods (like me)? It's Latin name 'Lunaria Annua' translates as 'moon-shaped'.

It may be named 'Honesty' due to it's translucent layers revealing the seeds?

In South-East Asia you may know it as the 'money plant' and in the USA as 'silver-dollar'. Well, the silver leaves reflect light like metal does so I can see where this comes from.

Even more interesting to me, as I do love a story, is the Danish word for it. There it is known as 'judaspenge' which means 'coins of Judas' and maybe that's connected to the story of Judas Iscariot and the pieces of silver he was paid for betraying Christ.

Now, Honestly, I have limited pairs of these made and some are a bit mis-matched so they may not go in the Shop just yet. Do shout if you really want them quick and I'll prioritise!

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